Thursday, 28 May 2015

Guess Who's Back... Back Again // OOTD

Dungarees // Missguided
Chelsea Boots // New Look
Black Tee // Primark
Necklace // H&M

Welllllllll holla! 

So it’s currently been 15 months & 24 days since my last blog post. If that’s not slacking I don’t know what is. Life has changed a lot in that apparently short amount of time. I am no longer living in beautiful Bath, and instead exploring the delightful adventure of residing in crazy, wonderful Toronto and am interning at the ever fabulous Catch The Fire church in the Events department.

I took a break from blogging for more than one reason. 
  1. Insecurity
  2. Lack of motivation
  3. Lack of a photographer
Well, no more! this is it. I want to give this my time, my effort and my best. And we’ll see where this adventure leads. One other change… Little Rose is no more. I thought, with a new start, comes a new name. So welcome, Rozzi May. (So original).

If you crazies are still following me after all this time, then I can do nothing but thank you from the bottom of my heart, and promise some content that I hope you’ll enjoy.


1 comment:

  1. Do your Christian convictions extend to changing your buying habits to exclude sellers that are well known for using sweatshop labour in developing countries?


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