Tuesday, 4 February 2014

My Instagram Prints | Polargram

Polargram Instagram Prints
I always think having actual prints of photos is such a lovely thing to have. As amazing and easy as I think virtual photos are, I do miss flicking through a photo album or having actual photos to put up on the wall. A really great alternative to this is a Polaroid camera, (something I have lusted over for years!) but I just cannot justify spending money on it, especially as I know I won't take it 'out and about' with me as much as I will initially intend to, and therefore won't capture all the moments I want to treasure. Enter: Polargram!

For seriously easy peasy and inexpensive photo printing, I would highly recommend Polargram. At first, I only wandered on to their website to have a nosy - thinking that to have pictures printed would cost a bomb. 'Nuh-uh' ladies and gentlemen.

When you enter the site, it gives you the option to sign in, and gather your photos from Instagram, (a good way to do it as it removes any sizing issues). Simple really, they're all laid out there in front of you, and you click on the ones you'd like printed!

Pricing works like this; you can either choose 12, 24 or 48 prints, and thats £5, £7 or £10. And that includes delivery. And a Drumstick sweet.  I chose 24 prints for £7, as I didn't quite want 48, (However in hindsight I may as well have gone with double the amount of prints for only £3 extra!) My prints then arrived very quickly, which I was not expecting, and I have to say I was very impressed with the quality of the prints I received!

However, there is only one thing I would note... The photos I had chosen that had an Instgram filter over were considerably lower in quality. Not bad quality, just not as good. This is more than often noticeable on Instagram before even entering Polargram however - they can only print what they are given! So maybe something to bear in mind.

Will you be getting any prints done? Would you be interested in a post on how I'm going to put these up!?

Love, Rozzi xxx

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