Wednesday, 11 December 2013

OPI Nail Envy | Nail Strengthener

OPI Nail Envy: £18.65

So unfortunately, I've never been blessed with beautiful strong nails. I've read about Nail Envy so many times online, and about the miracles it works, so I just knew I had to at least give it a go.
For just under £20 you get a 15ml bottle, which for me, is the most I have ever spent on a nail polish or nail treatment, hence why I was so reluctant to try this product. However my nails weren't getting any stronger, and although my bank account definitely wasn't getting any richer I knew I had to bite the bullet and make the purchase.

The instructions that come with the product say; "To strengthen natural nails, apply two coats of OPI Nail Envy, followed by one coat every other day". I followed these tips for about a week, before becoming too conscious of how my unpainted nails looked, and needed to splash them with a bit of colour!

The results? Nail Envy definitely did make my nails stronger, and they did look healthier after just one week. Although my nails are still far from being in 'good condition', Nail Envy did what it said on the bottle (which it should for that price!) and if I had persevered a bit more, I would have seen the miracles it can perform. Is it worth the money? I guess that depends on how much you want good, strong nails. It works, so in that instance, yes! However it is a lot of money and I know there are alternatives out there, albeit, you won't get the same results.

Let me know if you try this product, would love to know your opinions!

Rozzi xxx

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