Monday, 14 October 2013

Manicure Must Haves...

I've got to admit, I am really bad at painting my nails, and I would find that however much I spent on a nail polish they would always chip after just a couple days! Enter my new manicure routine that so far, has not let me down.

Who enjoys removing old nail polish? I highly doubt anyone does! Then in walks the Bourjois Magic Polish Remover, and all my prior hatred towards nail polish remover flies out of the window. The fuss of multiple cotton buds and spilling the product everywhere (please say that's not just me!) is gone, and what's more, this fuss free product also leaves my nails feeling nourished and clean as opposed to weak and brittle. This is one step in my nail routine I can't see changing any time soon, and considering this beauty is a mere £5, there are no reasons for it to change!

After cutting, filing & shaping, in comes the base coat. Until a few months ago I had never been loyal to a base coat. My nails have always been pretty weak, and so I had problems growing them without them splitting. Until I found the CND Sticky Base Coat that is. This product has been a miracle for not making my nails feel worse, which I found a lot of base coats did. And the name is pretty fitting, nail varnish will quite literally stick to this coat, making it a whole lot easier to get an even finish of colour. Although this product is pretty blue in the bottle, the colour doesn't transfer to the nails, so even if you're using a white polish, this will still work for you.

Finally, if you've been living under a rock recently, you may not have heard of the Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat. This product is famous for making nail colour last incredibly well, and I honestly wouldn't even consider painting my nails without it now. For nail polish that would only last 3 days, it now lasts at least a week. Amazing. But the goodness doesn't stop there - 'Dry Fast' is a complete under-exaggeration. You can quite happily forget about your wet nails within a minute whilst using this, and I would usually have to sit quite still for a good half an hour, no matter how fast my top coat claimed to be!

So that's it, three products in my nail routine that will always be a must have!

Sorry about the lack of posts recently, let me know if there is anything you want to see from me!

Lots of Love, Rozzi xxx

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