Monday, 2 September 2013

Nailed It | Monday Manicure

I'm completely honest, nails is one thing I am really bad at. I simply do not have the patience to sit still and wait for my nails to dry! However, if I do know that I'm going to be sitting still for at least an hour, then I love to make my brittle nails look a tad prettier. In this post, I am going to be taking you through my top six favs for painting my nails.

The Rimmel Salon Pro Nail Polishes are great for a simple manicure. The thick brush aids neat application with one stroke! I find two coats make the colour nice and bold, but you could definitely get away with the one coat. The shade pictured is Soul Session, which is a great nude that makes your hands look really tanned!
To start with, I wasn't a huge fan of Essie Nail Polishes. However, since they changed up their brush, I really love how these polishes go on the nails. The finish is great, but you definitely need two coats, and a decent top coat because I've found these polishes will chip after two or three days. The colour pictured is Bikini So Teeny, which is a perfect pastel blue shade.
I cannot sing Barry M Gelly Nail Paints praises enough. In fact, I adore all of Barry M's nail polishes, and if I could only wear one brand of nail polish for the rest of my life, it would be Barry M. The Gelly polishes go on beautifully, and you only need one coat to create a flawless finish, and these polishes last ages - honestly at least a week. This shade pictured is Pomegranate which is a gorgeous hot pink colour.
Next up is the Sinful Colour Nail Polishes which I picked up in Boots for about £1.99. For the price, these polishes are pretty great, although you do need a couple coats to keep the colour intensity up. The colour range is great, and paired with a good top coat, these polishes aren't bad at all! The shade pictured is Mint Apple, which satisfies pastel green obsession for my nails. It also has a subtle glitter running through it, which is lovely - although it does make it hard to come off!
As if the Ciate Nail Polishes haven't been raved about enough, but I am totally going to jump on this bandwagon. I wouldn't usually spend over £5 on a nail polish, but after receiving this polish in my Glossy Box, it's hardly been off my nails! Definitely worth the money and the hype.
Finally, I've been loving this Angelica Nail Polish that you can buy from Primark. They're roughly £2.50 and I would definitely repurchase because for something from Primark, they're pretty impressive. You only need one coat to create a pigmented finish, and it lasts longer than my Essie Polishes! The colour pictured is Calypso which is a great greeny turquoise colour that is perfect for summer!

My Top Tips For An At Home Manicure

1. Paint your right hand first (or left hand if you're left handed!) This means you're not worried about smudging your left hand as you attempt to paint your right - which I find the hardest to paint! 

2. Wait until you know you have time to paint your nails, leaving time for them to dry as well. Rushing your nails is a recipe for disaster!

3. Make sure you file and buff your nails before applying colour. This means you have a good base on which to apply any paint.

4. Make sure you have a decent base and top coat! If you're not sure which one to use, tune in on Thursday, where I'm posting all about it!

Hope you enjoyed this post! What colour do you have on your nails today?

Love, Rozzi xxxx


  1. Ah, I love painting mine! I become addicted, I can paint them and want a new colour a few hours after. I swear by Essie polishes too, isn't the brush like the best, ever?

    Molly xxx
    Lyon Notes

    1. Same, but I am not that dedicated aha! Once my nail polish is on, I keep it on until the bitter end! Yes! I love Essie so much, just so easy to apply them! XXX


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