Monday, 30 September 2013

Buxom Lip Cream | Review

As Essie Button says, this product gives you 'porn star' lips, but I wouldn't necessarily say that that was a bad thing! It's a creamy formula meaning that it's not sticky like your typical lip gloss, but it does give a shiny finish such as a gloss would. This product makes your lips tingle, and that's probably an under exaggeration. I personally love that feeling, but I know it might not appeal to everyone, so before you part with $14.99 on this product, make sure you don't mind the tingly feeling!

This product really plumps up your lips, giving that full 'pout' look, and not only does it actually help to moisturise your lips, it is also full of Vitamins A and E keeping your lips protected & supple!

I love this product, and it is going to be stuck on my lips for the next week or so!

Lots of Love, Rozzi xxx

1 comment:

  1. I've never heard of the product and I probably won't try it as I just for some reason hate anything that is remotely lipglossy - no matter if people say it isn't sticky, to me it is! It looks lovely on you though :)


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