Tuesday, 23 July 2013

The Body Shop - Vitamin E Face Mist

The Body Shop Face Mist - £8.00
With the weather heating up, a good face mist is a must, for me anyway. This one has not left my side for the whole time I've been on holiday, so I thought I should blog about it!

This spray is full of vitamin E; a vitamin known to protect and repair your skin - however, this is not just what I love about this product. Not only is the delicate rosewater scent calming and refreshing, but you can also use this over your make up, as it doubles as a makeup setting spray! I often find it difficult to refresh myself when I'm hot on holiday, because no-one wants panda eyes! Therefore having this do both, refresh you, and helping to keep your makeup in place is great for hot weather.

I would highly recommend this product - 10/10!

How do you refresh your skin in the heat?

Love, Rozzi xxx


  1. this looks amazing, im definitely going to check it out been looking for a nice face spray xxx


    1. It is really lovely! :) let me know what you think of it! xxxx


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