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Advice To My Teenage Self | Tag

So, I know at eighteen, I'm still a teenager, but this tag looked so fun I couldn't pass up on it. Therefore, I'm going to base this around when I was the thirteen - fifteen mark, so basically secondary school aged.

Here goes!

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Three Makeup/Fashion DOs for your Teenage Self

1. Wear your retainer! I had braces for best part of three years and my teeth were corrected! But I was tooo lazy to wear my retainer. I tried to shove it back in a few months back, and did that hurt. I know this isn't really related to makeup or fashion, but it's kind of along the beauty line....

2. Do keep wearing what you want to wear! Just because all my friends wore Hollister or Jack Wills, I thought that meant I had to save my money to buy the same clothes as them, when in all honesty, I was more than happy with New Look. Don't feel sad because of what other people say about you're clothes! As long as you're happy with what you're wearing, that's all that matters!

3. Do experiment. I was always experimenting with different eye and lip colours, and it taught me what I love to wear on my face now! However, I think this 'Do' should apply to my now self too.. branch out, add a bit more colour!

Three Makeup/Fashion DON'Ts for your Teenage Self

1. Don't EVER put concealer on your lips. I didn't really understand how it looked attractive, but everyone was doing it... I'm so ashamed of myself. NOT a good look.

2. Don't cut your hair really short. So, when I was thirteen I suddenly got the urge to cut all of my hair off into a bob. Why oh why. It looked so bad. And now my hair won't grow. So sad. 

3. Don't wear so much make up to school. I started wearing make up when I was around fourteen, and I wore it to school everyday. Looking back, I wish I'd given my skin a break, and not worn so much to school. It didn't distract me from my learning, in fact not being allowed to wear it distracted me more, but if I'd been more minimal, my skin would be thanking me now.

A Deep and Meaningful Piece of Advice for your Teenage Self

Be a bit more forgiving, and trust people a bit more. I had/have trust issues, and I feel like if I'd let people in a bit more when I was younger, I would be a better person today. I also always used to hold grudges against people, and would refuse to forgive someone if they weren't sorry. nowadays I've realised the importance of just letting go, and being a bit more peaceful and not so angry!

1 Tip for School
Dont give up. If I didn't understand something, I would just say I was rubbish at that subject and be done with it. I wasn't rubbish, and a little positivity could have got me a lot better grades!

1 Tip for Friends
Choose your friends wisely. If you're in a group of friends who will ignore you for the day because you didn't wear pink on a Wednesday or you wore a tank top two days in a row (yes I am quoting Mean Girls) then they aren't good friends. I was very unhappy in my friendship group in the first few years of secondary school. The whole group had a hierachy and what ever the leader said, went. I hated that. In year nine I met my best friend Emily, who introduced me into a much better friendship group. She stuck with me through thick and thin, and there was a lot of thin. She is a true friend! The other girls have grown up into lovely people now though.

1 Tip for Fun
Don't worry about getting a boyfriend. What happened to 'boys are stupid'? You don't need a boyfriend when you are fourteen. Go out and have a laugh with your friends, and build those relationships first! A boyfriend will come all in good time! Go out and enjoy yourself!
Image taken from tumblr

Really hope you enjoyed this post, and I tag ALL OF YOU! If you do do this tag, make sure you let me know in the comments below so I can come and read yours!
Thanks for reading!
Love, Rozzi xxx

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